Monday, July 7, 2008


Neither Krishnagopal nor Kali Mother
Or the impersonal Parabramha element
Either father or mother, not even own Brother
To no one this place ever could be lent

In this small altar of my heart
A radiant image which always shines
As if it has never been apart
And within my very soul it confines

Keeping me in constant awareness
Always gesturing with a subtle call
Walking along with a definite closeness
To hold me tight at every fall

Helping to lift me from unrest
Brimming my inner being with knowledge
Waiting patiently as I pass through each test
In His divine transcendental college

Inspiring with His words of wisdom
Encouraging with His flashing grace
He calls me to the “land of freedom”
By breaking shackles of this human race

Love is His final answer
To all the miseries of this life
Deluding attachment’s vicious cancer
He teaches walking on the edge of the knife

Every passing moment for me counts
While He keeps me waiting till that day
Above the brows, in between the mounts
Shall emerge His deific thoughtless ray

Sweeping away all the clatter
Of this transient ephemeral plane
Beyond the realms of mind and matter
Over the rational human brain

Holding that ray, He will make me walk
With bated breath and careful steps
Absorbing me in some speechless talk
In the primordial sound’s tranquil depths

Walking upright on this mystic road
He shall lead me to my final rest
Taking me to His Celestial Abode
Concluding my arduous eternal quest

A fraction of His loving remembrance
Transports to that scene of Karmic Tantra
When under the sky, in Divine trance
I was invigorated by His Gurumantra

Reversing all worldly fears
With a fervent urge I had prayed
Drenched with my uncontrollable tears
“My Life is yours”, this I had said

NIKHILESHWAR is that Blissful name
In my heart’s altar to whom I pray out loud
"Oh Nikhileshwaranand! You are the same
Who will clear my ignorance’s cloud".